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As a full-service partner we help forward thinking companies collect, refine and respond to opportunities and challenges within their network through data and analytics. Leveraging our extensive capabilities, we create transformational change to help solve your complex problems and aid in transforming your business to where you want it to go. What separates us from other agencies is we don’t do this on our own; we partner with you every step of the way to co‑create solutions using our innovative and customized data, 3D modelling and professional services capabilities.  Let’s show you how:

Data & Business Intelligence Applications

Knovo’s customized cloud-based application has redefined how internal and external stakeholders use real time location-based data and analytics for dynamic decision making and improved execution across teams. The application manages endless amounts of data and is flexible enough to integrate with a broad range of tools including mobile apps, external vendor systems, third-party best-in-class solutions and VR/AR applications. Its modularity and agility are key to continually unlocking value and accelerating the delivery of new ideas to the market.

We can help with:

Customizable Cloud-Based Data Applications:

  • Fully customizable application which provides you with the single source of truth for any data or attributes you wish
  • Ability to conduct powerful queries or drill down into real time content
  • Powerful dashboards and reports with key information easily visualized to allow you to analyze data quickly

Powerful Integration Capabilities:

  • We collect data across disparate systems and departmental silos, including legacy systems, cloud-based information warehouses, internal data files, and external vendor or partner reports
  • We work with you to identify and transition your internal data from the various sources to aggregate, visualize and analyze it into actionable insights benefiting your organization through a single source of truth
  • Collaborate with your external partners, vendors and suppliers to collect and update their data sources, work orders and job reports to ensure data is accurate and Integrated

Leveraging Technology to Change the Game:

  • Integrate your data with technologies such as VR & AR to allow you to see your locations like you never have before
  • Test and learn using new concepts and prototypes in a 3D environment

3D Scanning & Modelling

Regardless of the department or line of business you are in, having remote and virtual access to see the exterior or interior of a space is vital.

Possessing a ‘Digital Twin’ for each location within your network allows you to get immersive 3D models at the click of a button.  It provides you with critical information to quickly and easily save you time and money.

Our 3D scanning services can be used at a single point in time or throughout the life cycle of your project as your virtual eyes and ears.

Here is how we can help you:

Access To 3D Immersive Models:

  • Through trained resources and technologies, we can scan locations anywhere In North America
  • With cloud-based hosting, you gain the ability to see any space within your locations at any time from any device
  • Leverage 3D models for engaging immersive experiences and to verify data accuracy

Architectural Packages In Many Formats:

  • We transform your 3D virtual tour into complete and accurate as built drawings in either CAD or Revit
  • Fully integrate into your BIM models
  • Augment and support your architects with data, and immersive 3D models to ensure the right starting point for their new designs

Evolve Your Construction Projects:

  • Replace costly site visits during construction with the ability to share, collaborate and take measurements of site conditions to successfully design, build and operate your projects
  • Easily see progress throughout the construction lifecycle to allow you to gain control and confidence on schedules, conditions and standards

Professional Services

At Knovo, we have the expertise and experience to help your organization solve challenges and identify new opportunities. Our suite of professional services are focused on producing outstanding results and freeing up time that you need to focus on your core business.

Here are some examples of how we can help you:

Data & Business Analytics:

Our team excels at connecting data and analytics strategy to help you achieve business outcomes, whether its data mining, data management, data analysis or presentations we can help

Client Experience Reviews:

We help with evolving the retail, workplace and digital experience to optimize your overall operations and to improve client interaction and engagement

Quality Assurance Reviews:

Using technology such as 3D scans, we instill confidence that all requirements have been met throughout the project lifecycle by reviewing on-site conditions to quickly and accurately resolve any issues, reducing risk, time and costs

Workflow and Process Automation:

Reviewing current business steps and ensuring the process does what it is supposed to, with who it is supposed to, using the right applications and tools, in a simple and understandable flow for all involved

Distribution & Fulfillment Programming:

Customization of distribution plans, print modeling, planograms and in-store fulfillment as a result of integrated and accurate data
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