Use Case 1:

Augmenting Design & Build


Knovo partners with client teams to augment design and build processes using advanced 3D scanning solutions. Our “one stop shop” solution provides you with fully immersive 3D models, architectural drawings, a comprehensive repository of location and space related data giving you immediate access to critical information for decision making at any stage of the design and construction process.

How we do it:
  • Our process begins with capturing a 3D model during the pre-construction phase that lays the foundation to confirm key data and existing conditions with as-built drawings in CAD, Revit or other tools within your BIM models
  • Introduce 3D scanning to provide immersive models for all construction phases enabling remote access, critical measurements and decision making without having to complete costly site visits
  • We complete the process by capturing one final 3D scan along with close out documentation, post construction as built drawings and impartial quality control reviews
  • Improved data access and collaboration
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Reduction of rework and costly changes
  • Increased control and governance
  • Lower costs and improved ROI