Use Case 4:

Business Continuity


Pandemic and natural disaster emergency conditions are becoming more frequent, putting pressure on businesses to be prepared to react quickly. Knovo partners with you to provide real-time, quick access to your network data to monitor closures and conduct queries on assets or attributes at local, regional or national levels.  With accurate data, we then partner to create customized distribution plans and track any changes in site conditions so you can make key decisions on the fly

How we do it:

We leverage our database and business intelligence applications to:

  • Continually maintain an accurate, accessible and complete data repository inclusive of Operational, Demographic, Space and Location Data
  • Utilize our 3D models to ensure the data is accurate and provide immersive models for the exterior and interior of each of your locations
  • Partner with your operations and business continuity teams to ensure everyone has quick and easy access to the data
  • Integrate site coordination, scopes of work and completion reports for all vendors and stakeholders
  • Accurately respond to the right locations with the right materials
  • Reduce down time and risks to staff or clients
  • Decrease in the number of costly site surveys
  • Reduce production and distribution costs
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