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Marketing Campaigns


Knovo partners with Marketing teams to create digital or static campaign strategies using data to ensure the right message is within the right location at the right time. We support stakeholders throughout the campaign cycle with message mapping, print quantities, distribution plans and planograms customized to each location across your network.

How we do it:
  • We co-create the customized assets and attributes required to drive your message strategies within our database application.  We start with your data and then augment and validate it using analytics and 3D scans
  • In partnership with you and your agency the strategic message map is drafted based on data and demographics to maximize message coverage, frequency and diversity of products and language within each location
  • With the targeted messaging strategy, we then provide accurate print quantities with minimized contingency, distribution kitting and a customized digital planogram for each location based on site-specific needs
  • Customized data in a single source of truth
  • Robust strategic message maps based on data to maximize impressions and engagement
  • Real cost savings from printing, distribution and warehousing efficiencies
  • Customized digital planogram resulting in significant reduction in installation time for associates while increasing time to focus on sales
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