Use Case 3:

Market Research & 3D Design Prototyping


Knovo partners with clients by gathering information about your target audience, customer profiles and industry trends to determine how viable and successful your new product or service could be within the marketplace.  We detail out solutions and criteria which provide your teams with the details and facts required to allow them to draft their creative solutions.  We then take those outputs and in partnership with your Designers, create real life models of your store or product via our 3D scanning technology or other architectural model software to gain visualization, testing and feedback

How we do it:
  • We conduct research on issues or opportunities identified by the business
  • This research can be done using internal, external or public sources and can be conducted through data reviews, interviews or other industry insights
  • We identify potential solutions and in partnership with all stakeholders and bring their creative ideas and products into a real-life virtual testing ground
  • Market research reports that outline the need, the target markets, solutions & benefits
  • Tools to provide better prototype visualization for stakeholders, design and build teams
  • Data and analytics that help teams deliver projects more effectively
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